Which Countries Have Fastest Internet Speeds and Why?

Internet is one of the major technological advancements of our time. Not only does our work depend on it but most of our daily routine tasks depend on it too. Some countries have ideal internet speeds for its residents, which could be a blessing.

Here are the top ten countries with fastest internet speeds.

CountryDownload Speed (Mbps)Upload Speed (Mbps)
Hong Kong112.3291.40

Now the question arises why do these countries have faster internet speeds than the rest?

Here are a few reasons:

Internet exchange equipment

Internet exchange point is a physical location where there is communication between internet service providers (ISP) and content network delivery network (CDN). This means they also require infrastructure and equipment. Some may use cheaper equipment like DSLAMs offering speeds up to 7Mbps – 24Mbps, while some may use a better and expensive equipment like fiber, which could offer speeds of 50Mbps, 100Mbps, and 1000Mbps. This makes all the difference in the speed. While both may work but there will be a difference in speed, quality, and reliability.

Competency of Telco.

Telco or communication service providers are companies that help in transmission of data in electronic form via telephone and other communication services for data. The efficiency of employees working at telco and their ability to deal with problems and glitches in the system affects a lot on the overall internet connection. If the staff is determined and competent enough then it can tackle problems wisely without compromising on internet service quality.

General line quality

If a country is generally struggling with its infrastructure and other important facilities it may not have a good quality of internet services too. Transmission lines play a major role in internet speed and connectivity. If a country uses poor quality material for transmission lines, it will definitely lag behind when it comes to fastest internet connections in the world. Countries that have the fastest internet connections invest a good some of money in high quality transmission lines and other infrastructure too.

Most of it depends on the ISP

ISP (Internet Service Providers) play a major role in maintaining speed and connectivity of the internet connection across a country. A major chunk of what ISP invests in is bandwidth. Bandwidth, in a nutshell, is the speed of the internet connection. If an ISP spends wisely in internet bandwidth connection, it would overall internet speed.

Customers also play a role

Last but not the least customers also play a major role when it comes to overall internet speed and connectivity. If customers are using outdated hardware, then they will have poor internet connectivity. This is because outdated hardware may not be as compatible as new updated version. Similarly, sometimes it is not the hardware but rather installation that affects the internet speed and quality. In that case, customers should contact their ISPs to fix problems related to installation of hardware.

Final Thoughts

Internet speed depends on many things and this article explains a few. Some countries have made tremendous efforts to make their way into the “fastest internet” list. These countries have most likely switched to faster types of internet like Fiber Internet to make better internet service available for its residents.

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