Digital marketing trends are one of the best ways to stay on top of your market. If you’re following the trends and using them to your advantage, you can make sure you’re staying relevant and providing up-to-date, interesting products and services to suit the needs of your target market. 

If you aren’t following the trends, you might be falling behind in both the quality of what you provide and the value your audience sees in you. This could be dangerous, because if you’re behind on trends, they’ll hop on to a provider they feel offers more value. 

The good news is that it’s not hard to do these things. With some focused effort and consistency, you can get up to speed with the latest trends and be in a better position to stay on track with new ones as they arise. 

Why Is Digital Marketing Important for Business Growth? 

Digital marketing is the ONLY way to truly reach a wide audience these days. Even small local businesses rely on digital marketing to keep their fans and patrons up to date with news, so there’s no business that doesn’t benefit from digital marketing. 

Not only does it help you reach more people, but it offers some unique benefits that other, more traditional forms of marketing don’t, like: 

  • Extremely specific audience targeting & segmentation 
  • Excellent measurability thanks to digital analytics 
  • Easy scalability as your business grows 
  • Engagement with your customers on a daily basis 
  • Builds trust and confidence in your brand 
  • One of the most cost-effective marketing channels 

Latest Trends in Digital Marketing 

Check out these trends and figure out which ones you’re taking advantage of and which ones you need to implement. Whatever forms of digital marketing you’re using, there’s a way to insert these into it for better results! 


These days, personalization is much more of a big thing than it ever used to be. PRoviding personalized experiences makes your brand much more attractive to customers—and we’re not just talking about addressing them by name on emails. 

A personalized experience could mean promoting customized content tailored to individual customer’s tastes and needs. Or, offering personalized recommendations based on a person’s past browsing history. 

AI and machine learning algorithms are valuable for analyzing customer data and spotting patterns, which you can then use to help you create more relevant content and offers, and promote them to the right people, at the right time. 

Key Impact on Business Growth 

One of the best things about personalizing your customer’s experience is that it helps to build trust. 

Sending out personalized communication helps to build a better relationship with your customers, and personalized recommendations help your customers to feel like you hear them and know them. All in all, these lead to increased customer loyalty, repeat buyers, and referrals. 

AI and Machine Learning 

If you’re running an online business, AI is somehow involved. But you can take it a step further by being intentional with your AI usage. There’s an AI-powered app or software for almost everything you need, and if you use it right, you can save yourself valuable time and money while also enhancing the customer experience. 

For example, integrating an AI chatbot into your customer service can have a positive effect, as queries may be resolved sooner and customers won’t have to wait in a queue. AI virtual assistants can take over certain repetitive tasks and free up your time to work on your business. 

You can also use AI to create valuable content, analyze customer behavior, do market research, get ideas for new products, build sales funnels, and countless other things. 

Key Impact on Business Growth 

AI is valuable for automation, time-saving, and market research. It’s cost-effective and time-effective, saving you both so you can put more time and money into your business to grow it. The key is learning how to use AI correctly! 

Voice Search 

Your text-based SEO may be on point, but it’s worthwhile putting some effort into tailoring your content for voice-search SEO as well. In these cases, you may want to focus more on conversational phrases rather than short keywords. 

For example, a text user might type “WordPress web hosting” into Google, but when using voice search, they may say something more like “What’s the best web hosting for a WordPress website?” 

Key Impact on Business Growth 

Voice search is gaining popularity, not only for convenience sake, but because it opens up your business to visually-impaired users as well. It’s particularly handy with mobile users, so if you do it well, you have a high chance of increasing your organic traffic, significantly boosting business. 

Short-Form Video Content 

Think TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube shorts. Short-form videos are becoming more and more popular by the day, especially if your target market is younger. The key is to create short, engaging videos that are valuable to your audience—consider things like how-tos, tips and tricks, behind-the-scenes footage, or short, fun ads. 

Key Impact on Business Growth 

Video content is fantastic for growth if you do it right. It’s very sharable, adds value, catches attention, and keeps people engaged. All of this leads to increased brand awareness, generates leads, encourages engagement between the brand and customers, and ultimately leads to more sales. 

Interactive Content 

Interactive content is big as it helps people feel like they’re involved in something bigger. Allow your fans to interact with you in real time by hosting things like live Q&As, webinars, Facebook live videos, “Ask Me Anything” events, and so on. Or, gamify your content using quizzes, simulations, or surveys. 

Key Impact on Business Growth 

Increased engagement is always a good thing. Plus, answering people’s questions in real time builds confidence and trust in your brand. Interactive elements like a quiz also add a touch of fun that can boost brand likeability. Ultimately, all of these things can give you insight into your own target audience and better tailor your stuff to them. 

Influencer Marketing 

Offering your products or services to an influencer in return for a sponsored post can be invaluable. Start with micro-influencers and work your way up, but you’re basically leveraging their audience. Make sure they’re well-qualified and their audience are warm leads for your product or service. 

Key Impact on Business Growth 

Influencers are so named because they have influence over their audience. It’s extremely valuable to have someone promote your product or service to their people, because many of their followers will try the product just because their favorite influencer uses it. You can expect more traffic, increased brand awareness, and more sales. 

Email Marketing 

Yes, this might sound like an old-fashioned thing, but don’t underestimate it. Unlike social media, your email list goes directly to interested people who have given you permission to email them—in other words, warm leads. It’s also super easy to segment your list, send personalized emails, and promote whatever you want, whenever you want. Just don’t forget to provide an opt-out. 

Key Impact on Business Growth 

Email is cost-effective, direct, personal, and one of the best ways to turn one-time customers into repeat customers. Plus, it’s a great way to get feedback on products and services, or ask for specific feedback from your customers. 


It’s not enough to have a good website, great web hosting, and an amazing product or service. If you’re not on point with your digital marketing, you’ll never reach the heights that you’re capable of as a business. 

Get on track with your online presence, put a digital marketing strategy into place, and focus on these latest trends in digital marketing if you want to see success. Just remember two things—give your customers what they want, and consistency is key. 

About the Author

Paul Wheeler runs a web design agency that helps small businesses optimize their websites for business success. He aims to educate business owners on all things website-related, at his own website, Reviews for Website Hosting