How to Write a CV for Student?

A CV allows the employer to understand if you have a profile that meets their expectations. They will therefore pay attention to the part corresponding to your work experience. But now, how to make a CV if you have no professional experience? This is the case, for example, when you are a student and you have to write a CV to apply for a summer job or a student job. Here are the best advices for creating a resume as a student.

The Form of a Curriculum Vitae for Student

Formally, a student CV will follow the same principles as a professional worker CV. Choose a cv example for student which is easy to read and should be concise and attractive. Limited to one page, your CV should group all the information into different parts. At a minimum, it should contain a section dedicated to your identity, your educational background, your professional experience and your hobbies. To make the presentation airier, remember to space these different parts. Where appropriate, use bulleted lists and paragraph breaks. Finally, be sure to use a standard font type and size.

The Content of a CV for Student

Content is what will take your time the most, especially if you decide to choose a student CV online. When working, the difficulty is to fit all the useful information on one page. It is different when you study since you have no real professional experience. In addition, your schooling is still ongoing. So, you will have the impression, at the beginning, that you will not be able to blacken an entire page! Rest assured! This feeling is common to all students! However, it is not insurmountable.

Describe your Educational Background

After providing your personal information (phone, email, address, etc.), you will need to present your educational background. It is important that you mention all the diplomas you have obtained. In addition to the name of the diploma, provide any information that may be useful. Is the institution where you graduated from well-known? Does it have a good reputation at regional or even national level? If so, it makes sense to mention it. Did you obtain a special mention or distinction in addition to your diploma? Don’t forget to write it down! Finally, it is important that you explain the specialty of your diploma or the training you are taking. For this purpose, you can add a few words of explanation.

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