While moissanite rings may not have the same level of celebrity endorsements as traditional diamond rings, there have been some high-profile individuals who have chosen moissanite as their engagement ring stone.

For example, actress Kristin Cavallari received a moissanite engagement ring from her now-husband, NFL quarterback Jay Cutler. Additionally, model and actress Vanessa Morgan received a moissanite engagement ring from her now-husband, baseball player Michael Kopech. Both women have spoken positively about their moissanite rings in interviews and on social media.

For example, actor Emma Stone’s engagement ring features a lab diamond surrounded by a halo of pearls, while singer Katy Perry’s engagement ring features a ruby centre moissanite stone. Similarly, actress Olivia Wilde’s engagement ring

features a round brilliant-cut moissanite diamond surrounded by emeralds.

In addition, moissanite rings have been worn by various social media influencers, including fashion and lifestyle bloggers who have shared their love for the gemstone with their followers. Social media influencers have played a significant role in

promoting moissanite rings as an alternative to traditional diamond engagement rings. Many influencers have shared their experiences with moissanite rings, highlighting their affordability, sustainability, and beauty.

In recent years, a growing number of influencers have chosen moissanite

engagement rings and have shared their experiences and photos on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. These influencers often

emphasise the ethical and environmental benefits of moissanite, as well as the affordability compared to traditional diamond rings.

In addition, some jewellery brands have partnered with social media influencers to promote their moissanite engagement rings. These partnerships have included

sponsored posts and collaborations, which have helped to increase the visibility and popularity of moissanite rings on social media. The shared photos and videos of

themselves wearing moissanite jewellery, including engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets have helped social media influencers play a role in raising awareness about moissanite as a sustainable and ethical alternative to traditional diamond engagement rings.

The popularity of moissanite rings among social media influencers has also led to an increase in demand for moissanite engagement rings from consumers who are looking for affordable and sustainable alternatives to traditional diamond rings. The

trend of stacked rings dominating the social platforms only helps in visually boosting

the demand. Stacking rings, which allow wearers to mix and match multiple rings on one finger, are very popular for moissanite jewellery. Stacking rings can be worn in a variety of combinations, allowing for endless possibilities and versatility in styling.

Overall, social media influencers have helped to raise awareness about moissanite as a viable and ethical alternative to traditional diamond engagement rings, and have encouraged more people to consider moissanite when shopping for an engagement ring.

Moissanite’s popularity as an alternative to traditional diamonds has been growing in recent years, and it is likely that more celebrities and influencers will continue to choose moissanite for its beauty, affordability, and sustainability.

Overall, as awareness of moissanite grows and more people become interested in sustainable and ethical jewellery options, it is likely that moissanite will continue to gain popularity in the years to come.